Wednesday, February 4, 2009

final script

Setting: A light yellow room filled with paint cans, easels, and empty canvases
Sound Effect: Music play throughout film

Scene 1.1- Blank white background. Camera pans up while big, colorful drops of paint splatters on the white. L/S of Sophie in the room. Purple paint drips from her finger onto white piece of paper. M/S of Sophie as she looks down smiling. Sohpie leans in to paint.

Scene 1.2- C/U pf Sophie's finger painting down the piece of paper. Camera follows the paint. Down shot of Sophie leaning over paper. Sophie leans up and reveals a purple rabbit on the paper. M/S of Sophie. She has a big smile on her face.

Scene 1.3- Shot of paper with the purple rabbit. A pause, then the rabbit’s ear waves at her. Sophie blinks and tilts her head.

Scene 1.4- M/S. The rabbit jumps off the paper and Sophie catches him. The rabbit kisses her and jumps off her arms. Sophie stands perplexed.

Scene 1.5- The rabbit hops toward the camera, splattering paint everywhere. Sophie snaps out her astonishment and chases after him.

Scene 1.6- Shot of rabbit running down the room. Then shot of Sophie running after him.

Scene 1.7- The rabbit jumps by an open orange paint can. The rabbit leaves the shot. The rabbit pops his head back into the frame looking at the paint can. He is curious and dips his ear into the paint. He paints a picture of a smiley face on the wall. He mimics the smile he drew. He sees Sophie coming and jumps away. Sophie chases after him.

Scene 1.8- L/S. They run down the room and the rabbit jumps on a canvas leaning against the wall. When Sophie reaches him, he jumps and lands on his feet behind her. The canvas falls on Sophie.

Scene 1.9- M/S. Seeing what happened, the rabbit starts laughing at Sophie. Sophie looks down. A blank piece of paper, orange, and green paint are next to her.

Scene 2.1- Shot of the rabbit painting pictures on the wall with his ears. He turns his head when Sophie whistles at him. Sophie holds up a carrot she just finger painted. The rabbit runs towards it.

Scene 2.2- Sophie throws the carrot into a blank canvas. The rabbit jumps after it. The rabbit is stuck motionless inside the painting, a look of happiness with his carrot.

Scene 2.3- Sophie sighs with relief and walks off screen.

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